Dukeries Brewery - Farmers Branch, Ray of Sunshine, De Lovetot, Castle Hill and Havana Crest pump clips
Dukeries Brewery - Blonde, Bess of Hardwick, Gunsmoke, Pale Ale and IPA pump clips
Dukeries Brewery - Best Bitter, Gunsmoke with Vanilla, Lord Furnival, Elso Pale and Golden Castile pump clips

Dukeries Brewery company vanThe Dukeries was a district in the county of Nottinghamshire which was so called because it used to contain four Ducal seats close to each other.

Our Real Ales are themed around the Dukeries heritage and are named as such including De Lovetot, named after the founder of the Worksop Monastery, Baronet after the Baronets of the Dukeries and Limetree Porter that represents the famous 2 miles of Lime trees that guard the entrance to Clumber Park.

Our SIBA Gold award winning Farmers Branch is named after a picturesque and notorious road in Worksop. You can read an article about our SIBA Gold award by clicking here.

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