Dukeries Brewery - Farmers Branch, Ray of Sunshine, De Lovetot, Castle Hill and Havana Crest pump clips
Dukeries Brewery - Blonde, Bess of Hardwick, Gunsmoke, Pale Ale and IPA pump clips
Dukeries Brewery - Best Bitter, Gunsmoke with Vanilla, Lord Furnival, Elso Pale and Golden Castile pump clips

If you'd like more information about our beers, or want to find out where you can buy them, please get in touch using the contact details below.

Brewery: 01909 731171
Phil Owen - Director, Sales
Tel:07584 305027
Phil Longley - Director & Head Brewer – For all brewery enquiries
Tel:07500 119299
Paula - Sales and Marketing Manager
Tel:07917 780696

Our team and family enjoying a dinner night
Dukeries Brewery team